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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes UnifiedSmiles different from traditional group purchasing programs?
UnifiedSmiles leverages the purchasing power of its clients and provides access to negotiated pricing on products and services used every day on your behalf as a member of the group. What sets UnifiedSmiles apart from other group purchasing organizations is our clients have a dedicated Overhead Reduction Specialist.

We begin with developing relationships with you and your team. We listen to your current needs and future plans you have determined for growth. We analyze your overhead expenses to identify opportunities for savings and operational efficiency. The service our clients receive is unparalleled, customized and allows focus on your preferred interest of practicing dentistry.

How do I know how much UnifiedSmiles can save my practice?
UnifiedSmiles encourages a risk-free, complimentary customized savings analysis with a direct comparison on variable expenses such as dental supplies, merchant services or laboratory fabrications to name a few.

We have chosen our UnifiedSmiles partner vendors based on the reputable quality, value and service they provide to the dental industry. We’re confident your potential annual savings will have an exponential return on your investment.

Can I still buy from companies not affiliated with UnifiedSmiles?
Absolutely! UnifiedSmiles is committed to making sure your independent practice stays independent – which is why we’re never going to tell you who to buy from. You retain complete control; however increased partner vendor use will strengthen UnifiedSmiles position to advocate on behalf of all our clients.

Our group of Overhead Reduction Specialists will offer cost-saving recommendations with UnifiedSmiles partner vendors to provide you with better value than you can obtain elsewhere.

Will becoming a UnifiedSmiles client affect how my practice handles service and repairs?
In short, that’s entirely up to you! You may continue using your current service-and-repair resource, or you may take advantage of additional savings by utilizing a UnifiedSmiles service-and-repair partner vendor.

Upon joining UnifiedSmiles, your Overhead Reduction Specialist would be happy to coordinate a meeting with your local UnifiedSmiles service-and-repair vendor to discuss their services with your practice.

What is required to begin purchasing from UnifiedSmiles partner vendors?
Become a UnifiedSmiles client! Start by scheduling your complimentary savings analysis by calling 844.US.UNITE. If you like what you see, you can become an official client once your participation agreement contract is signed.
When does UnifiedSmiles unique pricing start?
Immediately! When you become a UnifiedSmiles client, our partner vendors are alerted and your account will immediately be flagged to receive our special contract pricing.
How do I know what discounts or special pricing are available?
Once you become a UnifiedSmiles client, your dedicated Overhead Reduction Specialist will contact you to schedule a UnifiedSmiles Program Implementation with yourself and other key staff members. Your Specialist will answer any questions you have, provide an overview of our partner vendors, review the available discounts, and identify all savings opportunities (compared to your current vendor usage).

At any time, your Overhead Reduction Specialist is available to answer questions or provide clarity but with UnifiedSmiles, you get more than a call center as our Overhead Reduction Specialists are in regular contact with our clients.

What are the preferred methods of communication for UnifiedSmiles clients?
Because we continually advocate for your future business growth and prosperity, your Overhead Reduction Specialists will organize, at a minimum, a monthly call review based on your preference.

Proactively seeking out the best pricing and opportunities for your practice, they will reach out to you via phone, emails, newsletters, and webinars. We welcome you to follow UnifiedSmiles on social media, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

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