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From Our Members

“I signed up with UnifiedSmiles to reduce our supply costs, and I really can’t believe how much our office has saved. Their practice success specialist has helped us significantly reduce both our supplies and lab costs – and has offered tip and advice on how to find efficiencies in other areas of our business. I would recommend UnifiedSmiles to other dentists – they have been excellent to work with and have saved us a decent amount of money.”
Dr. Christine Saad, Christine M. Saad DDS
Lake Orion, Michigan
“I was tired of overpaying for everything from supplies to merchant processing to web hosting, so we looked into UnifiedSmiles. Since signing up, we have immediately started saving money on many products and services. We’ve also been able to partner with some great companies with even better offerings. As a result, our patient services and communication have improved, and we now have access to resources that help us run more efficiently. I find the experience with UnifiedSmiles exceptional – I only wish I had found out about them years ago. Teaming with UnifiedSmiles is truly a ‘no-brainer’ for any practice owner.”
Dr. Jeff Hibbard, Hibbard Dental Care
Clovis, California
“Our office joined UnifiedSmiles to help us save money – and we did! Our pricing through Darby Dental is unbeatable! In fact, with all of the savings we’ve seen, the practice can now afford to offer its employees amazing benefits, such as health insurance and 401K. In addition, the service we received from our Practice Success Specialist is top notch. She checks in regularly to see how she can help our practice, and has introduced us to other vendors that have helped us save even more money. Whenever we have an issue or question, it’s so easy to just give her a call and she’s on the case! I recommend UnifiedSmiles to other dentists because it will save your practice a lot of money!”
Dr. Robert Camenzuli, Camenzuli Dental Excellence
New Orleans, Louisiana
“Our office became a UnifiedSmiles client after our doctor was made aware of the company at a conference. As expected from our complimentary savings analysis, our costs have lowered significantly through UnifiedSmiles’ connections to suppliers. Even better, we’re really enjoying the personal attention we receive from the staff at UnifiedSmiles. We would definitely recommend UnifiedSmiles to other dentists… Who doesn’t want to save money?”
Rose Crawford, Office Manager for Kusch & Raubolt
Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan
“Our office joined UnifiedSmiles after I attended a conference and heard from other offices how much money they had saved. Not only did UnifiedSmiles help us save money by searching out the best products and services for the best price – but the customer care we receive is amazing too. I really feel like Amy is looking out for us as our practice advocate – she is the best! Cost savings plus great service – that’s why I would recommend UnifiedSmiles to other dentists.”
Dr. Patricia Raczka
Northfield, Illinois
“We decided to try UnifiedSmiles after another dental provider told us how much they had saved in multiple expense categories. We are so happy we did!

In our first year alone, we managed to save nearly $10,000 on dental supplies, lab fees, office supplies, claim submissions, spore testing and more. Going forward, our savings will likely grow as we switch to other UnifiedSmiles vendors.

In addition to the savings, the UnifiedSmiles team always does a good job listening to our needs and helping us to get set up. We LOVE the attentive customer service. Anytime we have a question or issue, our Overhead Reduction Specialist is just a phone call or email away. She is extremely responsive, reliable and proactive.

Our only regret is that we didn’t reach out to UnifiedSmiles sooner. We’ve been able to save the business a ton of money, and we’ve found some great vendors that we probably wouldn’t have found on our own.

I would recommend UnifiedSmiles to other dentists because IT WORKS. UnifiedSmiles delivers on their promise to help save you money – and they have been a key contributor to our office’s financial success.”
Stacey Peabody
Tacoma, Washington

“Since joining UnifiedSmiles, we’ve been able to continue with the same great customer service and quality products from our current key vendors, but at significant savings. We have also had the opportunity and pleasure to work with new vendors – without compromising or adversely affecting our relationships with other long-time vendors.

One aspect of working with UnifiedSmiles that I truly enjoy is their level of customer service and support. Their staff is all very client-centric, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and approachable. I find the overall UnifiedSmiles experience to be rewarding financially and professionally.

I would recommend UnifiedSmiles to other dentists because the relationship provides substantial savings with little or no time invested by staff. Who does not wish to save money? I cannot comprehend why a practice would not wish to participate in such a great cost-saving program.”
Cheryal Bailey
Folsom, California

“Our practice joined Unified Smiles to help us save money on supplies – and we’re doing just that. The transition after joining UnifiedSmiles was quick, easy and seamless. I especially appreciated the follow-up calls from vendors to ensure we were satisfied. I would recommend UnifiedSmiles to other practices because it is an easy way to save.”
Christi Shretter
Irving, Texas
“When placing my first supply order through the UnifiedSmiles program, I filled out my usual order form with my old supply company with the same items to see if the savings were real. I saved over $5,000 with UnifiedSmiles on my first order!!! The savings are real and substantial. I went back and calculated how much I would have saved from the time I first thought about joining UnifiedSmiles to the time I finally decided and it cost me $64,000 to think about it! Don’t wait. I have looked at buying groups before and found them to be unorganized, hit or miss, and challenging to work with. UnifiedSmiles is more than just a buying group and I have looked at buying groups before and found them to be unorganized, hit or miss, and challenging to work with. UnifiedSmiles is more than just a buying group and is doing it right. It is easy to use and I have been very pleased. My UnifiedSmiles Member Service representative is in regular contact with me to make sure I am maximizing my savings and up to date on new opportunities. It doesn’t make sense that the small guys scraping by pay the most. UnifiedSmiles is changing the game. I’m a believer.”
Justin Coke, Managing Partner
San Antonio, Texas
“I sent in my first order with Darby yesterday….I saved about $1,000! Wowwww!”
Dr. Angelie Zamora
Irving, Texas
“The office joined UnifiedSmiles because they were recommended to Dr. Rauen by some colleagues. I must be honest, myself and some team members were skeptical at first. As you know, change can be hard and sometimes we are resistant to it. Joining UnifiedSmiles is something I am so glad our office did. The savings alone on dental products have been astronomical! I mean the exact same product for significantly less, joining should be a no-brainer. In addition to the savings, the customer service is top notch.

Joining UnifiedSmiles is something I am so glad our office did. The savings alone on dental products have been astronomical! I mean the exact same product for significantly less, joining should be a no-brainer. In addition to the savings, the customer service is top notch. Anytime we are considering a new product or equipment I can call Michelle. She researches the best prices for me and always gets back to me the same day. Unified Smiles has not only been a great money saver but a great time saver too

I mean the exact same product for significantly less, joining should be a no-brainer. In addition to the savings, the customer service is top notch. Anytime we are considering a new product or equipment I can call Michelle. She researches the best prices for me and always gets back to me the same day. Unified Smiles has not only been a great money saver but a great time saver too.
Jodi McCarron, Office Manager for Abbadent Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
Dubuque, Iowa

“I would like to express my appreciation to UnifiedSmiles for supporting the private practitioners in decreasing their overhead expense while increasing the efficiency in operations. The UnifiedSmiles concept of amalgamating independent dentists in order to compete with corporate dental groups is long overdue.

With the ease of The UnifiedSmiles concept of amalgamating independent dentists in order to compete with corporate dental groups is long overdue. With the ease of implementation, the staff is open to embrace this new concept to make our operation, even more, cost-effective. I strongly suggest you try UnifiedSmiles; I am sure if you keep track of your savings you will quickly realize that your savings will far outweigh the monthly payment.”
Dr. Raymond Skowronski
Sterling Heights, Michigan

“Our office initially joined UnifiedSmiles to reduce our overall supplies cost, but in our short time as a client, we’ve enjoyed other benefits as well. Our representative offers excellent customer support, quickly getting us the products and supplies we need. We have also appreciated being able to try new products and work with new vendors. In fact, UnifiedSmiles seems to continually update their vendor list and enhance their level of customer service.”
Dr. Brian Evans, Stratford Dental
Bloomingdale, Illinois
“After purchasing my dental practice in 2018, I learned about the benefits of joining UnifiedSmiles. Right away, it was clear how worthwhile the partnership would be. UnifiedSmiles is great to work with. Their level of service is excellent, and I was able to receive great services at a lower price than the previous owner. Even better, they partner with so many great companies, it’s very easy to make up your cost and save even more. UnifiedSmiles is there to help make smaller practices competitive. I highly recommend them!”
Dr. Stephen Harlow, Ferndale Dental
Ferndale, Michigan
“After receiving a recommendation from Chrisad, we met with Unified Smiles for our savings analysis. We were blown away by the extreme cost savings we could receive on supplies – so we were convinced. Once we became UnifiedSmiles clients, we began saving so much (on the same supplies) that our practice was able to expand and purchase new technology! We especially enjoy how UnifiedSmiles keeps track and shows us just how much we’re saving on a continual basis. The entire experience has been stellar – UnifiedSmiles is a great service that allows dental practices to obtain savings in all aspects of the business.”
Britt Degnan, Lead Dental Assistant, Turley Dental Care
Billings, Montana
“I had been familiar with UnifiedSmiles for a while – they have a reputation in the dental community for helping businesses reach their goals. Now that we’re a UnifiedSmiles client, we have seen our practice improve in a number of ways. UnifiedSmiles has opened the door to new vendors and educational opportunities, have hunted down the best prices on the best products, and have always been easy and efficient to work with. In short, UnifiedSmiles and their partner vendors make it easy to save money, while also staying modern and smart. We highly recommend UnifiedSmiles to practices like ours!”
Beth Rochette, Dental Assistant for Atsalis Dental Excellence
Plymouth, Michigan
“Less overhead. It’s that simple for us at Our Family Dentist. We became a UnifiedSmiles client because of the substantial savings on the quality materials we were already purchasing. Thanks to the everyday savings and other discount offers, our practice is able to do what we’ve always done – but for much less.”
Diana Adams, Lead Dental Assistant for Our Family Dentist
Dewey, Arizona
“We have cut our restorative lab bills by 30% and our supply bill by 30%. The more dentists who sign on with UnifiedSmiles, the better it will be. Just do it!”
Dr. David Apsey
Fraser, Michigan
“The cost savings from Darby, OralB and Staples has been awesome! Thank you Unified Smiles for contracting with such reputable companies which a dental office uses products of daily.”
Dr. Michelle Dziurgot
Shelby Twp., Michigan
“Our practice joined UnifiedSmiles because of the huge savings opportunities with Darby Dental Supplies, and since joining, they’ve also helped by introducing us to other quality product and services vendors. The result? We’re now saving thousands per year.

I sincerely appreciate their on-going support and their commitment to helping our practice find savings. The whole experience is really easy and effective. I would recommend Unified Smiles to other dentists because they focus on reducing your overhead costs and continue to look for savings for the entire membership base.”
Dr. Declan Devereux
Honolulu, Hawaii

“We joined UnifiedSmiles when another vendor pointed out that we could save on many of the products and services we were already using. Not only have we saved over $25,000 in our first year, but ordering is much simpler – a WIN-WIN! The detail to customer service is outstanding. Anytime I have a question, it’s answered. The team behind the UnifiedSmiles name is so appreciated.

When you join UnifiedSmiles, you WILL save time, money and build a relationship with a qualified, knowledgeable team.”
Suzanne Villani
East Islip, New York

“You must check out UnifiedSmiles. They were able to immediately reduce my overhead expense by their expertise in negotiating reduced fees and pricing on products and services I use every day. I am realizing a 28% savings on my supplies while ordering the exact same products I have always been using.

An additional benefit is credit card processing. UnifiedSmiles was able to significantly reduce my processing fees. In this area alone I am able to cover their monthly fee and still save money. UnifiedSmiles has held true to their promise, I could not be more satisfied, NO promise was ever overstated. Call UnifiedSmiles today and I am confident you will be thrilled with the savings.”
Dr. Frank Scavuzzo
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Our office joined UnifiedSmiles because we were paying too much for various support services and products. UnifiedSmiles has helped our practice by more than membership and then some by receiving excellent results with our savings. A long-lasting partnership that is mutually beneficial.

One thing I’m impressed with is UnifiedSmiles customer service oriented nature; anything I have ever needed assistance or information on has been responded to promptly and to my satisfaction by our UnifiedSmiles member service representative. I find our overall experience with UnifiedSmiles refreshing in its simplicity and ease of use. I would recommend UnifiedSmiles to other dentists because we can all use significant cost savings to increase the profitability of your practice.
Nolan Langlois, Treatment Coordinator
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

“UnifiedSmiles came to us with the claim that they could get us better prices on many of the products we use every day in our office. Turns out they were right! Not only did we get better prices, but they also helped us find products we could not get through other places.

One thing I like is their personalized service. One call from our office manager is all that is needed to get information on specific item vendors, or a problem corrected. I found the experience with UnifiedSmiles has been a great benefit to our office. I would recommend UnifiedSmiles to other endodontists because the more on board, the more buying power we have and the less money we spend!”
Dr. Steve Shoha
Southfield, Clinton Township and St. Clair Shores, Michigan

“As the general economic challenges continued to impact the business side of our Endodontic Group Practice, our search for success became a reality with our UnifiedSmiles relationship.

Specifically, the extraordinary mentoring by the Advisors of UnifiedSmiles with their periodic email contacts providing our staff with educational, motivational, and economic advantages with their pricing mission. The most dramatic and significant practice difference has been the monthly cost savings of 25% to 30% by our purchasing orders through UnifiedSmiles for their products, supplies and new electronic systems.

The joy and excitement of doing Endodontic dentistry have returned in our Group Practice and having UnifiedSmiles as our neighbor/business associate has been a wonderful experience. Emphatically, I would recommend UnifiedSmiles to all my Endodontic colleagues for a quality relationship that exceeds expectations!”
Dr. George Goodis
Sterling Heights, New Baltimore and Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan

“Our office joined UnifiedSmiles because our overhead kept creeping up, month after month. We needed to make a drastic decision and possibly even eliminate a staff person!

We are so glad we met with UnifiedSmiles first. They looked at our current spending and showed us how much savings we could expect with a membership. The end result has been spectacular – and the savings have been huge! The experience of working with the UnifiedSmiles team has been awesome as well. They have an excellent attention to detail and understand our urgency when we need something fast. The best part? UnifiedSmiles continues to partner with more and more practices – so our savings are even greater now than previously anticipated!

I would recommend UnifiedSmiles to other dentists because I know they will not be disappointed in seeing what their savings can be up-front. And by referring others to UnifiedSmiles, you could potentially earn free membership!”
Cindy Sooter, Office Manager
Joplin, Missouri

From Our Partner Vendors

“Since May of 2013, Darby Dental Supply has had the pleasure of being the preferred dental supply dealer for UnifiedSmiles. In that time, we have established an ultra-aggressive pricing schedule specifically for the UnifiedSmiles group, and in my 16 years as a Darby representative, I have yet to see anything that will rival these heavily discounted prices from an authorized dealer.

  • Average savings of 24% over non UnifiedSmiles pricing
  • Darby distributes all major manufacturers- 3M, Kerr, Dentsply
  • Enormous cost savings have an immediate impact on profitability

We also have an extensive high-quality private label selection which also qualifies for the UnifiedSmiles negotiated pricing. UnifiedSmiles and Darby Dental Supply is a partnership that simply cannot be beat!”

Chris Reynolds, Business Development Specialist/Team Lead
Darby Dental Supply


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